209 Mare

209 Mare

209 Mare is setting The New Standard in Luxury Beachwear with its Unique Beachwear Concept.

Based in Monte-Carlo, we developed the iconic Beach Blazer that returned the Gentleman back to the Beach. We have since expanded the 209 Mare Concept with a range of products for men and women that prove that beachwear can be about more than just swim shorts and t-shirts. We believe in creating uniquely original products that start with the question: why not what.

We don’t just defy the rules, we break the rules in style and in doing so, set the new standard for what luxury beachwear can and should be. As an environmentally conscious brand, we use upcycled materials where possible and are committed to being a paper-less brand of the 21st Century. We create category-redefining luxury beachwear that is the most Instagram-able fashion on the beach.


Break The Rules In Style


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